From the 25th of March we will no longer be accepting prescription requests over the telephone. Please read this for more information as to the reasons for this and what other options are available to you.


Job Vacancies

Forest Health is a well-established NHS GP surgery with approximately 30,000 registered patients. We are located in Bracknell, split across 4 sites all within close proximity. We have a large multidisciplinary clinical team who are supported by our excellent patient services team.

Please direct any enquiries and send any applications to Emma Hallt, HR Lead :


Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Clinical Pharmacist

Applicants should hold an independent prescribing qualification (or willing to work towards this). 

We would welcome applicants from relevant clinicians e.g. Advance Nurse Practitioners/Physicians Associates/Adv Clinical Pharmacist.
Salary: Dependant on experience
Hours: Full Time- 37.5hrs per week
Responsible to: Group Manager
Accountable to: Partners & Managers
Base location: Across Forest Health Group sites, all within Bracknell with an option for hybrid working.


Job Summary

The post holder is a clinician who has worked within Primary Care and either has an independent prescribing qualification (or willing to work towards this), who acts within their professional boundaries.

The post holder will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in a hybrid working environment. The post holder will take responsibility for all areas of long-term conditions management within the practice.


Primary Duties and Areas of Responsibility

  • Key role within LTC management service. 
  • Managing all incoming PATH results associated with LTC reviews.
  • Initiating and adjusting medications as part of results management process.
  • Clinical oversight given to Care Coordination team in their organisation of LTC appts and with any clinical queries.
  • Identification of at-risk patients against the Gold Standards Framework and relevant presentation of these cases within appropriate clinical meeting.
  • Involvement in management of EOL patient register.
  • Close working with senior clinical and management team on continual shaping and integration of the LTC management service. 


Education and Training

  • Ensure takes responsibility for mandatory e-learning. 
  • Engages and participates in their Continued Professional Development.
  • Attends weekly/monthly clinical and management meetings.


Public health

  • To support public health campaigns. 
  • To provide specialist knowledge on all public health programmes available to general public.

2. Collaborative Working Relationships

  • Recognises the roles of other colleagues within the organisation and their role to patient care.
  • Demonstrates use of appropriate communication to gain the co-operation of relevant stakeholders (including patients, senior and peer colleagues, and other professionals, other NHS/private organisations e.g. CCGs).
  • Demonstrates ability to lead a team.
  • Is able to recognise personal limitations and refer to more appropriate colleague(s) when necessary.
  • Actively work toward developing and maintaining effective working relationships both within and outside the practice and locality.
  • Foster and maintain strong links with all services across locality.
  • Explores the potential for collaborative working and takes opportunities to initiate and sustain such relationships.
  • Demonstrates ability to integrate general practice with community and hospital pharmacy teams.
  • Liaises with CCG colleagues including CCG Pharmacists on prescribing related matters to ensure consistency of patient care and benefit.
  • Liaises with CCG pharmacists and Heads of Medicines Management/ Optimisation to benefit from peer support.
  • Liaises with other stakeholders as needed for the collective benefit of patients including but not limited to Patients GP, nurses and other practice staff.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required

  • Has an experience/awareness of the breadth of common acute and long-term conditions that are likely to be seen in a general medical practice.
  • Holds an independent prescribing qualification or working towards qualification.
  • Able to plan, manage, monitor, advise and review general pharmaceutical care programmes for patients across core areas, including disease states/long term conditions.
  • Accountable for delivering professional expertise and direct service provision.
  • Uses skills in a range of routine situations requiring analysis or comparison of a range of options.
  • Recognises priorities when problem-solving and identifies deviations from normal pattern and is able to refer to seniors or GPs when appropriate.
  • Able to follow legal, ethical, professional and organisational policies/procedures and codes of conduct.
  • Involves patients in decisions about prescribed medicines and supporting adherence as per NICE guidelines.

NB: it is anticipated that the level of qualification held may vary according to the level of position and the components of the role being carried out.


  • Demonstrate understanding of the pharmacy role in governance and is able to implement this appropriately within the workplace.
  • Demonstrate understanding of, and contributes to, the workplace vision.
  • Engages with Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and involves PPGs in development of the role and practices.
  • Demonstrates ability to improve quality within limitations of service.
  • Reviews yearly progress and develops clear plans to achieve results within priorities set by others. 
  • Demonstrate ability to motivate self to achieve goals.
  • Demonstrates ability to lead a team and provide support to other clinical pharmacists.
  • Provides a leadership style which is underpinned by strongly held values of the organisation and around equality, diversity and openness; effectively builds and maintains relationships with direct reportee(s) and other key individuals across the organisation.
  • Promotes diversity and equality in people management techniques and leads by example.


  • Demonstrate understanding of the implications of national priorities for the team and/or service and manage the team through these changes.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the process for effective resource utilisation.
  • Demonstrate understanding of, and conforms to, relevant standards of practice.
  • Demonstrates ability to identify and resolve risk management issues according to policy/protocol.
  • Follows professional and organisational policies/procedures relating to performance management.
  • Demonstrate ability to extend boundaries of service delivery within the team.
  • Lead and mentor a team of differing abilities.

Education Training and Development

  • Understands and demonstrates the characteristics of a role model to members in the team and/or service.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the mentorship process.
  • Demonstrates ability to conduct teaching and assessment effectively according to a learning plan with supervision from more experience colleague.
  • Demonstrates self-development through continuous professional development activity.
  • Participates in the delivery of formal education programmes; inspiring others to be positive in their support of continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of current educational policies relevant to working areas of practice and keeps up to date with relevant clinical practice.
  • Ensure there is appropriate clinical supervision in place all pharmacists.
  • Ensures all pharmacists are engaged with the review and appraisal systems within the practice.

Research and Evaluation

  • Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate and review literature.
  • Demonstrates ability to identify where there is a gap in the evidence base to support practice.
  • Demonstrates ability to generate evidence suitable for presentations at practice and local level.
  • Demonstrates ability to apply research evidence base into working place.
  • Demonstrates understanding of principles of research governance.

Health and Safety/Risk Management

  • The post-holder must comply at all times with the Practice’s Health and Safety policies, in particular by following agreed safe working procedures and reporting incidents using the organisations Incident Reporting System.
  • The post-holder will comply with the Data Protection Act (1984) and the Access to Health Records Act (1990). 

Equality and Diversity

  • The post-holder must co-operate with all policies and procedures designed to ensure equality of employment. Co-workers, patients and visitors must be treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion etc.

Respect for Patient Confidentiality

  • The post-holder should respect patient confidentiality at all times and not divulge patient information unless sanctioned by the requirements of the role.

Special Working Conditions

  • The post-holder is required to travel independently between practice sites (where applicable), and to attend meetings etc. hosted by other agencies.

Job Description Agreement

This job description is intended to provide an outline of the key tasks and responsibilities only. There 

may be other duties required of the post-holder commensurate with the position. This description will be open to regular review and may be amended to take into account development within the Practice. All members of staff should be prepared to take on additional duties or relinquish existing duties in order to maintain the efficient running of the Practice.


Care Navigator

Reporting to – Patient Services Team Leader

Background/Purpose of Role:

This is a customer focused role that is process driven. You must be able to deliver to a set objective – navigating patient calls to reach the most appropriate outcome for the care need, with a solid understanding of the routes available to that patient. Full training and inductions on all relevant systems will be provided.

This role will involve:

  • Answering all incoming patient calls
  • Using integrated systems to-
  • Book appointments with the appropriate clinician
  • Signpost patients to alternative services or information sources
  • Dealing with patient queries, primarily over the phone
  • Administration duties and data entry
  • Rota’d time of front desk at each site dealing with walk in patient appointment requests/other queries and/or requests
  • Pulled list – 111 reports, put onto Klinik and send to duty GP

You might be suited to a Care Navigator role if you are:

  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Patient and understanding
  • Good at working in a team and with the public
  • Willing to take responsibility for a number of duties

Entry requirements and skills:

No set formal qualifications are required, but you will need to demonstrate:

  • Good numeracy, literacy and IT skills, and/or relevant work experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Good customer service skills with a polite and personable manner
  • Strong organisational skills with an ability to follow procedures and multitask

This is not exhaustive list, duties continually reviewed and adapted.

Pharmacy Technician

Salary: Dependant on experience 

Hours: Flexible 

Responsible to: Senior Clinical Pharmacist 

Accountable to: Partners & Managers 

Base location: Across Forest Health Group sites, all within Bracknell

Job Summary

  • To work under the supervision of the Clinical Pharmacist to ensure the safe, accurate and timely supply of prescribed medication to patients.
  • To provide technical and administrative support to the Clinical Pharmacists and Clinicians.
  • To support the practice team with queries around medication from patients; including face to face and telephone support to patients, primary and community staff.


Braccan Health PCN is a unitary practice PCN, consisting of the Forest Health Group, a 30,000 patient practice with 4 practices across Bracknell. We have a wide and varied clinical MDT team working in close unity – GPs, Nurses, Allied Health Practitioners (Paramedics, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists), complimented by non clinical patient facing staff such as Social Prescribers and Care Coordinators. Our services have grown and have become well established in offering our patients the right care and the right time.

Primary care clinical pharmacy is developing and we are looking for a motivated individual who is flexible to respond to the developing nature of the role and the needs and priorities of individuals requiring support. Under the direction of the clinical pharmacists we expect that you will be able to work independently and manage your own workload. You will need excellent communication skills to be able to liaise with patients, primary care staff, community pharmacists and other partners.

Hours of work should reflect general practice hours, between 8.00 am to 6.30pm.

Key Responsibilities

Clinical & Patient Care

  • Work with the Clinical Pharmacist and Clinicians in accordance with agreed practice prescribing standard operating procedures.
  • Process repeat medication requests, including the conversion of acute requests to repeat medicines, changing quantities of medicines.
  • Request prescriptions in line with agreed clinical protocols and within your competency
  • Regular liaison with community and acute hospital pharmacists.
  • Provide advice and guidance to patients regarding medication optimisation and lifestyle e.g. inhaler techniques.
  • To provide medication review services to patients via clinics in the practice, domiciliary visits and in residential and nursing homes, and to deliver pharmaceutical care plans that maximise cost-effective prescribing and improve the quality of patient care.
  • To support the achievement of the practice’s prescribing Quality and Outcomes Framework targets.
  • Dealing with medication queries including acute medication requests, patient medication and prescription queries.
  • To update and maintain accurate patient medication records on the practice clinical computer system, including advice given and action taken.
  • Liaise with secondary and primary care colleagues to ensure correct medicines are continued following the transfer of care.
  • To assist the Clinical Pharmacist with data analysis of prescribing behaviour in line with NICE guidance and local clinical commissioning directives.
  • To assist with the development and review of medicine audits.
  • Provide a contact for patients and colleagues with medication queries.
  • Project work/prescribing initiatives under the support of the Pharmacist.
  • Conduct medication reconciliation following discharge from hospital, clinic visits and other transfers of care (e.g. new patients, care home residents), to ensure that medication changes are safely implemented in a timely fashion.
  •  To link with hospital and community pharmacy colleagues to address discrepancies, supply issues and queries within competency.
  • Liaise with the wider health care team including primary care staff, community nurses and care home staff with medication queries.
  • To undertake regular audits using different tools, for example to identify priority patients for medication review.
  • To support the safe and effective repeat prescribing of high-risk medicines ensuring that regular monitoring as per local/shared care guidance is taking place.
  • Supporting patients to manage their medications, for example; synchronisation of medications, reviewing patient’s suitability for monitored dosage systems, and setting up electronic repeat dispensing.
  • To document interventions made to patients’ medications in their health care records to ensure there is a clear audit trail and changes are clearly accounted for.
  • To promote cost effective, safe, evidence-based prescribing in accordance with local formulary, medication optimisation strategy and national guidance.
  • Attend local meetings seeking to improve access to medicines or repeat prescribing processes.
  • Seek advice from the patient’s GP or practice lead GP as appropriate.
  • Ensure patients’ and their families/carers views are taken into account in every stage of the decision making process.


  • Utilise and demonstrate sensitive communication styles to ensure patients are fully informed and consent to treatment.
  • Communicate effectively to overcome communication barriers with patients and the general public displaying emotional crisis, vulnerability, verbal/ physical aggression, learning difficulties, recognising the need for alternative methods of communication.
  • Ability to cope with frequently challenging, diverse and stressful situations.

Admin & Professional

  • To use highly developed knowledge and skills to provide high standards of patient centered care.
  • To maintain accurate contemporaneous records on all aspects of the care process and patient contact.
  • To ensure that all project paperwork e.g. performance information is completed and available in a timely manner.
  • Contribute to the development of the service, e.g. developing service pathways, paperwork and sharing good practice.
  • Awareness of, and compliance with, all relevant local/clinical policies and guidelines.
  • Participate in data collection data for audit purposes and be responsible for monitoring progress against key performance targets.
  • Effectively manage own time, workload and resources.
  • Value and respect colleagues, other members of staff and patients and show commitment to working as a team member.
  • To attend and participate in practice clinical meetings and other multi-disciplinary meetings where necessary.


  • In the course of seeking treatment, patients entrust us with, or allow us to gather, sensitive information in relation to their health and other matters. They do so in confidence and have the right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately.
  • In the performance of the duties outlined in this job description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to patients and their carers, practice staff and other healthcare workers. All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential.
  • Information relating to patients, carers, colleagues, other health care workers or the business of the Practices may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of sensitive data.

Job Limitations:

At no time should the post holder work at a level outside their level of competence. If the post holder has concerns regarding this, they must discuss immediately with the supervising GP. All junior staff therefore have a responsibility to inform those supervising their duties, if they are not competent to perform a duty.

This job description is intended as a guide to the main duties of the post and is not intended to be a prescriptive document. Duties and base of work may change to meet the needs of the service or because of the introduction of new technology. This job description may be reviewed from time to time and changed, after consultation with the postholder.

Please contact Emma Hallt for a detailed person specification. 

Care Coordinator

Job Summary

The candidate will need a flexible approach to change and be instrumental in the delivery of the practice/PCNs aims for patient centred care. The role may require movement around the 4 sites of Forest Health Group and working with a multi- disciplinary team.

This role gives the exciting opportunity to work with a committed team and to help shape the delivery of services and projects to the patient population. This role will be pivotal to supporting the patient population of both member Practices.

Purpose of the Role

Purpose of the role will be to support member Practices and Patients and to improve screening across all member Practices. This will be an evolving role as the Primary Care Network develops to the needs and health management of the population

General Duties/ Key Responsibilities:

  • Case load management of patients on Long Term Condition registers; using a matrix of appointment/test requirements to make all necessary bookings for the patient in the timeframe required
  • Baby book – new baby registrations 8-10 weeks post birth
  • Management of childhood immunisation booking and completion rates
  • As part of LTC recall management; complete new patient registrations inputting patient into correct LTC pathway as per their listed conditions
  • Management and completion of EMIS tasks from clinicians
  • Management and completion of Docman tasks – from clinicians off back of patient documents, ie appointment required
  • Coordination and management of coil and joint injection clinics
  • Booking of patient transport requests

This is not an exhaustive list, duties continually reviewed and adapted